[mili]women and peace building initiatives

A statement from the Afghan Women’s Network on women's immediate security concerns.
Join the WiB silent vigil tomorrow (June 7th, 2007) at 4:30 at The Square of the Republic in Belgrade.
The International Women's Commission for a Just and Sustainable Palestinian-Israeli Peace (IWC) was formed under the auspices of UNIFEM in concrete implementation of Resolution 1325. Their most recent press release calls to support the Unity government.
Près de 300 femmes d'une trentaine de nationalités s'apprêtent à rallier à vélo, à partir du 6 avril, Beyrouth à Jérusalem, pour la paix.
Avaaz.org's short video debunks the rhetoric of a 'Clash of Civilizations', stating the problem "isn’t culture, it’s politics...This clash is not inevitable and we don't want it."
Women were never simply guests at the negotiating table. The roles they play as combatants, supporters of fighting forces and peacemakers qualify them to sit at the negotiating table and to assume an active role in implementation.
An open letter by Women in Black Belgrade to the Serbian Parliament related to the 2005 draft resolution ‘Women, Peace, and Security,’ on the participation of women in peace-building and deciding issues of peace from a feminist standpoint.
The conference was held in Kurdistan-Erbil on 21-22 September 2006, under the slogan "let's build a safe home" and dealt with women's role in achieving national reconciliation.
A collective online publication of leading women activists, academicians and writers, depicting their reactions to the wars and the increasing militarism in the Middle East as well as analysis of their impact on the work of women activists’.
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