[mili]women and peace building initiatives

Join women peace activists in Jerusalem from 12-16 August 2005, for the Women in Black international conference - an inspiring four days of learning and action, lectures, workshops and multi-cultural events.
Des millions de femmes s’engagent quotidiennement pour promouvoir la paix. Elles prennent soin de survivants, elles favorisent la reconstruction et créent une nouvelle culture de la paix.
Women activists have demanded for more involvement in the implementation of the southern Sudanese peace process that followed the 9 January agreement between Khartoum and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A).
Giuliana Sgrena, 57 ans, Italienne. Journaliste du «Manifesto» et militante féministe. Otage un mois à Bagdad, elle n'est pas encore sortie du drame qui a ensanglanté sa délivrance.
This book discusses the experiences of women peacemakers in areas of conflicts and the role they can play in promoting peace.
It is hoped that this study will stimulate a constructive dialogue between activists and international actors that, ultimately, will improve the way in which we respond to conflict … together.
A resource for women peace builders and practitioners to effectively promote peace and security which outlines the components of peace building from conflict prevention to post-conflict reconstruction & highlights the role that women play in each phase.
This publication notes the results of a year long program that aimed to increase awareness of Palestinian women on human rights, violence against women, democracy and the importance of women’s political participation.
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