Saudi Arabia

Rania al-Baz's bruised and swollen face shocked the global community - and ignited an unprecedented public debate within Saudi Arabia itself over the normally taboo issue of domestic violence.
Au forum économique de Djeddah, les femmes, invitées pour la première fois à participer, ont fait entendre leur voix et exhorté les autorités saoudiennes à engager des réformes en leur faveur.
These are days of agitation in the desert kingdom, and perhaps no group is more determined to push the boundaries of change than the kingdom's well-educated and articulate women.
Saudi Arabia's highest religious authority has issued a stern rebuke to women who appeared at a conference unveiled in the presence of men.
The Shoura Council is expected to debate the employment law for women.
An educator in Saudi Arabia is coming up with a book that seeks to correct false notions of women's roles in their society and how these notions are being upheld by a misinterpretation of the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam.
In March 2002, fifteen girls died when Saudi religious police blocked rescue efforts and left victims to perish in a blazing school. But this time the sheikhs are being held to account and pressure for reform is growing.
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