Depuis le meurtre de Doa (Du'a) Khalil Aswad il y a un peu plus d'un an, il n'y a que peu de personnes qui peuvent ne pas être conscientes qu'au Kurdistan même les pierres sur le sol sont des preuves de la brutalité contre les femmes.
Lys Anzia of the Women News Network (WNN) looks at the suffering of Kurdish women and the dramatic increase in their acts of self-destruction.
Like their colleagues across Iraq, the doctors and nurses at the Emergency Management Centre in Irbil work relentlessly. The medical specializations at this hospital are war surgery and burns.
A law requiring women to have a male guardian sign their passport application angers women in Iraqi Kurdistan.
A United Nations report on the human rights situation in Iraq has criticized the Kurdish provinces for a poor record in addressing acts of violence towards women.
Condamnons la lapidation de Doa Khalil Aswad, condamnée à mort pour être tombée amoureuse!
Video released on the internet; sign the petition condemning her brutal murder.
"Our campaign for the removal of article seven has opened a new chapter in the fight for secularism and against the medievalism and obscurantism of sharia law."
The Kurdish Women’s Project and Kurdish Human Rights Project have published the Charter in English, Kurmanji, Sorani and Arabic languages.
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