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In this issue, we welcome the launch of the programme “Women reclaiming and re-defining cultures: Asserting rights over body, self, and public spaces”, a joint venture between WLUML and the Institute of Women’s Empowerment (IWE), which brings together women from the Muslim world to examine and discuss how systems of culture, tradition and religion, are used as instruments to legitimize their oppression.

We are also pleased to introduce The “Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition”, which was formally constituted in November 2008, and comprises various women’s rights and human rights organizations and networks. Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) sits on the Executive Committee of the WHRD Coalition. In other sections, there is coverage of Afghan women’s street protests against gender discriminatory laws, and a celebration of the success of four female candidates in the recent parliamentary elections in Kuwait. There are also reviews of three books, including one on fundamentalisms, and a novel set in contemporary Sri Lanka, as well as a review of the 2008 Moroccan film, Number One, directed by Zakia Tahiri. The film looks at how Moroccans are still debating the identity of the Moroccan family five years after the 2004 family code reform.

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