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The WLUML Newsletter has a new look! Introducing a more contemporary design and reader-friendly format, the Spring 2010 issue has all the same sections as Newsletter 8: Editorial and Solidarity; Campaigns; Women’s Empowerment and Activism; News from Networkers; Reviews; Events and Announcements. On this issue’s cover are the objectives and strategies of the 4th WLUML Feminist Leadership Institute that took place in Dakar, Senegal, from 09-20 November, 2009 and on page 5 we hear from one of its participants, May El Sallab.

This issue’s editorial draws parallels between the proposed French ban on the Burqa, the Swiss ban on Minaret-building and the Statue of the African Renaissance in Senegal. On page 4, Director of Salmmah Women’s Resource Centre, Fahima Hashim, explains to WLUML why she believes that the impact of the Rape Law Reform Campaign in Sudan will be in the form of Sudanese society taking a step towards social change, justice, and women’s awareness of their rights. On page 6, we celebrate the publication of Walking a Tightrope: Women and Veiling in the United Kingdom by Ayesha Salma Kariapper, WLUML networker and former ICO Deputy Coordinator, and on page 7 we continue the debate surrounding the burqa in France.

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