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WLUML Annual Report 2018

Based on discussions and conclusions of the 2017 Montreal meeting and subsequent discussions with various active networkers, the following area of activities were identified as the focus for 2018 activities. Simultaneously, there were discussions with various past and present networkers and council members on the various ways that the vision that was put forward in...


WLUML Annual Report 2015

Activities and areas of work in 2015 include: Women’s empowerment and leadership, development for democratisation, websites: WLUML, VNC & WELDD, 16 days of activism, publications, online office, and strategic development process. Download WLUML’s Annual Report 2015


WLUML Annual Report 2014

  Download WLUML’s Annual Report 2014 At the end of 2014, we would like to say a heart-felt “thank you” to all our supporters for their continued backing. We know that now more than ever our voice is needed to stand up for women’s rights in a climate of rising fundamentalisms, shrinking civil society space,...


WLUML Annual Report 2013

Download WLUML’s Annual Report 2013 WLUML Highlights for 2013: In 2013 the WLUML website received 13,463,973 hits, averaging 121997.75 a month; of the total amount 1,097,776 were unique visitors. The most popular pages of our website continue to be Knowing Our Rights, Talaq-i-Tafwid: The Muslim Woman’s Contractual Access to Divorce: An Information Kit, and the...


WLUML Annual Report 2012

The year 2012 was full of rapid changes and posed numerous exciting opportunities and challenges for WLUML. It is our great pleasure to share the experiences, lessons, and outcomes of this year with our friends, supporters, and interested parties. Please, download a copy of the WLUML 2012 Annual Report for an update of what we have been...