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WLUML Newsletter 3

In July 2006, Women Living Under Muslim Laws held a week-long Plan of Action (PoA) Meeting in Dakar, Senegal. Following our last PoA Meeting (1997), this meeting aimed to update WLUML’s thematic priorities, strategies and organisational structure to ensure that they match the needs, concerns and capacities of our networkers. The resulting Plan of Action...


WLUML Newsletter 2

In November/December 2005, the International Coordinating Committee of the International Campaign on Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD-ICC) held an International Consultation to bring together WHRDs from different countries worldwide. Nearly 200 male and female women’s rights and human rights activists from approximately 70 countries worldwide gathered in Colombo, Sri Lanka to attend this historic global...


WLUML Newsletter 1

As an international women’s network, WLUML transcends regional and national boundaries in order to resist the fundamentalist homogenisation of Muslim contexts and the imposition of uniform definitions of acceptable ‘womanhood’. WLUML seeks to preserve the space for diverse and alternative voices in Muslim societies, whether these be secular or from within a faith-based framework. Download...