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Humaira Saqib has Prehension of honorary certificate in Finance and Business from North wood university – America, and from Kabul University – Bachelor of psychology.

She had important responsibilities. She has led the largest and most important civil society networks in the country as Chairperson of Afghan Women Network in Urban Governance, Founder of the International Monitoring Network for Human Rights, Chairperson of Afghan Civil Society Joint Working Group. She is an experienced female journalist and active human rights activist like Founder of Afghan Women News Agency. She has done some important research, including research on the role of women in the parliamentary and presidential elections with the Regional Women’s Network (WRN).

Humaira has also some national and international Membership. For example, Board member of FEMENA, Member of peace and security committee in UNWOMEN, specialising in Women’s Transitional Justice, Member of media assistance compliance and researches commission

Member of the Transitional Justice Group, Member of the Committee of Human Rights Defenders in Afghanistan.

She has some national and international awards: One of the top 26 thinkers in the world chosen by the Utne Reader magazine, and an award from DUNIA university.

She participated at important International conferences:

GSMB annual conference , IVLP world youth leadership program in America , Women Peace Security Conference, International Aid Conference in Sweden ,London conference 2014 ,Bonn conference in Germany 2011 and ets.

She has more interviews at national and international media about Publication, more hundred topics in national and international media,  Realise and analyse political, cultural and social issues.

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