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Zarqa Yaftali is the Director of the Women and Children Legal Research Foundation which focuses on promoting and supporting civil society  efforts to   include women in decision-making at a national level. Ms. Yaftali is Board Member of the Women’s Regional Network (WRN) and Co-chair of the Women Peace and Security working group. She has served as a Board Member of the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN), and is currently the Chair of Advocacy for Approval of Family Law, the Sexual Harassment Advocacy Group, and is Co-Chair of the Child Protection Action Network (CPAN). In addition, she has carried out several large research and action projects directed at the improving public policy focused on women and children. In recognition of her work, she has received numerous awards including : She is the recipient of several awards  including Winner of N-Peace Award 2019 From Afghanistan; Receiving an Award from Women Regional Network (WRN);  Receiving an Award from Friedrich  Ebert Stiftung.

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