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Asma Jahangir was a lawyer, an activist, an advocate, a champion for human rights, a defender of minorities, a dissident to the military, a women’s rights defender, a South Asian icon, a lion in the face of adversity, an undaunted victor, an incredible woman.

When she passed away of a heart attack on the 11th of February, at the age of 66, the world felt shockwaves.



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Knowledge Building Brief no. 1, Shari’ah, Fiqh and State Laws, highlights why it is essential to distinguish between these terms in order to set the divine and eternal apart from the human and temporal, and therefore open to change.

Download your copy in Arabic, English, or French, here. 


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Deeyah Khan's fascinating documentary about the Council of Ex-Muslims in Britain and the discrimination they have faced in the UK and abroad has been shortlisted for the Asian Media Awards in Investigative Journalism.


Marieme Helie Lucas 

July 2, 2017

2017. This year, Saudi Arabia will defend women’s rights in the Commission on the Status of Women, and UN Women will support the right to disappear women behind a veil. Aren’t we lucky?

From its official Twitter account, UN Women tweeted an article posted online on Jul 2 2017, 4:17pm at: