Dossier 11-12-13

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The Dossiers explore and synthesize a broad range of feelings, interpretations and strategies of women on issues of feminism, nationalism, internationalism, and religion.

  • Women & Law in the Muslim World: On Laws, Customs and Stereotyping by Farida Shaheed.
  • The Preferential Symbol for Islamic Identity: Women in Muslim Personal Laws by M.A. Hélie-Lucas.
  • Fundamentalism: Women and Fundamentalism by Ayesha Imam.
  • Algeria: Newsletter of the Algerian Women’s Movement Independent Association for the Triumph of the Rights of Women.
  • Palestine: Lives of Palestinian Women: Al-Fanar, Palestinian Feminist Organisation.
  • On Fundamentalism in Our Land by Manar Hassan.
  • Sudan: Threat to Women’s Status from Fundamentalist Regime in Sudan.
  • Sexist Matriculation Policy in Sudan.
  • Challenges Faced by Sudanese Women by Amel H. Hamza.
  • Iran: Women’s Religious Discourse in Everyday Iran by Zahra Kamalkhani.
  • Enforcing the Veil in Iran.
  • Why Fundamentalism? Iranian Women and their Support for Islam by Haleh Afshar.
  • On the Origins of Feminism in Early 20th Century Iran by Janet Afary.

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