Great Ancestors: Women Asserting Rights in Muslim Contexts

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Great Ancestors: Women Asserting Rights in Muslim Contexts

Publication Authors: Farida Shaheed with Aisha L.F. Shaheed.

Date: 2005

The essential information and training kit on women’s rights activists from the 8th to the 20th century. This publication, jointly produced by Shirkat Gah Women’s Resource Centre and WLUML, explodes the myth that struggles for women’s rights are alien to societies that embraced Islam and profiles women who defied and changed the contours of women’s lives from the 8th to the mid-20th century.

It is a tribute to all who defied, challenged and changed existing structures and norms and, in doing so, opened avenues for other women (and men) to do likewise. Not all the Great Ancestors women are ‘famous’ but each, in her own way, ‘made a difference’ to her society and to women’s rights and spaces.

The training module and volume of narratives highlight women’s assertions:

  • For personal rights and bodily integrity;
  • In solidarity actions that helped others;
  • As scholars, saints and political activists to improve their societies.

The training module provides:

  • The training module (text and illustrations);
  • Instructions for implementation;
  • Guidelines for adaptation
  • Glossary and pronunciation key;
  • List of women and interventions (with country and century).

The narratives volume

  • Details the lives and struggles of women Great Ancestors in the training module and many more;
  • Provides detailed references of sources used.