WLUML Exhibition: Dress Codes & Modes

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The exhibition looks at women’s dress in some Muslim countries and communities and is a snapshot of diversities and commonalities through space and time. These highlight the influence of many forces – class, status, region, work, religious interpretation, ethnicity, urban/rural, politics, fashion, climate.

We celebrate this diversity as well as our historic and contemporary similarities. Comprised of 20 large printed panels focusing on women’s clothing in Muslim contexts generally, and then in 7 specific countries and regions: Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Northern Nigeria, South Asia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the exhibition uses 250 images (paintings, drawings, photos), past and present, and over 85 quotations from a rich variety of sources plus some explanatory original text.

The exhibition is designed to pack and travel easily anywhere in the world for display at events and conferences and is also easy to assemble. Ask about our lightweight version! For more information visit our website: www.wluml.org or email us on WLUML