SWG Workshop for Asian partners in Bangkok, Thailand, Nov 8-10 2010

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The Workshop – one of the activities of the SWG Year 3 Workplan – was for Asian project partners and SWG members. Another Workshop was organized for African project partners and SWG members in December 2011 in Lagos, Nigeria.

This SWG Asian Workshop had the following objectives:
  1. To share/ synthesise /synergise knowledge and experience of SWG projects partners , on various sexuality issues that they have been working on/ addressing, in the Asia region (countries=Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran). Outcome: participants have a synergistic knowledge / overview of work on “sexuality” in the participant countries – Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran
  2. To initiate an evaluative process that will feed into the final, overall evaluation of WRRC programme what will be undertaken in May 2011. Outcome: Evaluation indicators – which will be shared and integrated with the indicators of African partners and SWG members (who will develop their own indicators in Nigeria in December) – for the overall evaluation of the work of the SWG.
  3. To initiate the formulation of principles and guidelines for work on sexuality and sexual rights based on clear concepts and knowledge. Outcome: Conceptual clarity on sexuality and sexual rights in the human rights framework; Recommended draft guidelines and principles
  4. To strategise for future work, either in collaboration and/or individually.  Outcome: Ideas, strategies for future work on sexuality / sexual rights