Sudan: Dozens of Nuba Women Detained in Kadugli/Nuba Mountains

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The Sudanese security in Kadugli the capital of South Kordofan/Nuba mountains state , started arrest campaign against women in Kadugli , the campaign started in early November where women had been called for investigations in Security offices in Kadugly about their relations to the Sudanese Peoples liberation Movement/ North , which fighting the Sudanese government in the region since June 2011. Witnesses informed Arry that women  in the first week had been released always in the end of the day , but the campaign intensified since November 10th , where 15 women called for investigations and not been released until now.


During the first week of November reports indicates that dozens of had been investigated with about their relation to the SPLM/N , and accused of supporting the rebels. In November 11th , the arrest campaign of women in Kadugli increased as the numbers of women in detention now are 33 and one man who is a father of one of the women detainees. Most of the women are married and has children in need for care.

This arrest campaign comes in awake of escalating violence in Kadugli and the villages around it , as the attacks from Sudanese government on SPLM/N troops and the SPLM/N attacks on Kadugli forced hundreds to leave the town .IDPs from the town arrived in Al Obeid in North Kordofan state , reported that the Ahmad Haroun the governor of South Kordofan/Nuba mountains state , restricted movement out of the town and civilians sneak out of the city at night using dangerous roads to flee the fighting and searching for food and security as the town is described to be ghost town for the past 2 weeks.

The names of the women in detention now are :

1- Elradia Suleiman Tiya- Teacher

2- Amal Abdelfadeel Elnur- Inspector at taxation department.

3- Afaf Madeni Nasir- Sabori Village.

4- Madeni Nair- (the only man on the list and the father of Afaf)

5- Hawa Kubara Mussad.

6- Meha Ali.

7- Rabha Kaila.

8- Magda Mubarak.

9- Amal Abdelgadir- Ministry of Finanace.

10- Fatima Subahi.

11- Bahja Muwafi.

12- Samia Hussien.

13- Aisha Hussien.

14- Fatima Maki.

15- Summia Mergani.

16- Ihsan Ibrahim.

17- Fatihia Abdelmutaib- Ministry of Health.

18- Resail Murad.

19- Ihlam Abdelgadir.

20- Allia Musa.

21- Zainab Musa.

22- Amna Yousif.

23- Umelhussien Abuzaid.

24- Tayseer Abdelgadir.

25- Samia Zaroog.

26- Khadiga Mohammed Badur- University Ggraduate.

27- Aisha Hiadan.

28- Fatima Mohamed Ali.

29- Naik Bashir.

30- Hiba Abdelrahman.

31- Rawia Mus.

32- Asmehan Ramedan Maki- Lab techinian.

33- Wijdan Ibrahim- Kadugli Radio Station.

34- Nejat Ibrahim.

Arry organization and the families of the detainees are extremely concerned about the safety of those women , and they are in danger of torture and ill treatment in detention . therefore Arry organization is calling the Sudanese government to :

–  Immediately and unconditionally release the 34 detainees and insure their safety or press charges against them

–  To allow the detainees family visit and insure them access for lawyers and medical care reveal their detention location.





HE Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir

Office of the President

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And copies to:

Minister of Interior

Ibrahim Mohamed Hamed

Ministry of Interior

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