Sudan: New arrests of Nuba activists!

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The Sudanese government has started a new arrest campaign against Nuba activists, and specially Nuba Christians. Most of the detainees were detained in Khartoum and in Southern and North Kordofan. Below is an updated list of the detainees and the people in danger of detention. Detainees are also facing inhuman treatment and torture, as some of them are elders and suffer from health problems.


Dozens of Nuba activists and non-activists were reported missing since the crackdown campaign started on May1st, 2013. Most of the detainee’s families do not have any information about their missing ones-their whereabouts remain unknown. The detainees are in danger of torture and ill treatment inside the prisons!

Join us in taking action to help release more than 70 Nuba detainees! Please share and sign the petition here.