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This is an urgent appeal to help a 14-year old Pakistani-Canadian girl who’s father will stand in court for molesting and sexually violating her for two consecutive years. There is a Facebook page that was created yesterday.Please see here:


The court hearing is on the 12th of Jan, and the child, her mother and siblings who are also victims of the father’s physical abuse, are living in fear of their lives, despite the fact that the father is being tried in Pakistan, as he has threatened to harm them. (Please see details of story below)

If you have any contacts in Canada and/or Pakistan including legal experts, lawyers, NGOs that can assist the little girl and her family, please send an email to waragainstassault@gmail.com and/or to yasmin@wluml.org.


Pls support us with your presence on the 12th of Jan at the Additional Sessions Judge South Court 3.Karachi. Its our first case hearing.The case has been registered under FIR no 456/2012


“I am a 14 year old Canadian National,based in pakistan,who is a victim of sexual assault by none other than my own father,it all started two years ago when I was only 12years olds. My nightmare started with an inappropriate hug,than the next time it was accompanied by a kiss on the mouth ,when I flinched and stepped back my father beat me up mercilessly and threatened to kill me if I told anyone about it specially my mother.

Unlike most nightmares,mine never ended .Two long and painful years later where he continued to not only molest me but physically abuse me every time as well,while my mother and all my siblings were retiring for the night,he took advantage of my being alone in the library where I had gone to fetch a book and attacked me. This was the first time that he crossed this boundary and sodomized me. Throughout our lives my mother,me and my younger brother have been physically abused by him.

My mother is a diabetic and has also suffered from Engina pains. My father would say that killing her is not an issue for him,he will murder her without it being traced back to him. Since he is a Canadian national he will fly off without a trace and take all of us with him,and will subject my 12 year old brother, my 4 year old sister and my newborn brother to physical as well as sexual abuse,if I told anyone. The police,the judicial system and the local NGO network has been most kind and supportive, however our lives are under threat,we have received threats on a continuous bases ever since the matter was reported to the police.

I’m afraid for myself and my family, and without a doubt I believe that even though being an under trial prisoner my father is capable of harming us. God forbid if acquitted ,he will do whatever it takes to eliminate us. Unfortunately our system is such that our protection laws are none existent. My grandparents broke into our home and they have been there throughout. My family and I are taking refuge with local NGOs. As a Canadian National,I am calling out for help. Please help me and my family.