Sudan: Stop Planting Mines in the Nuba Mountains!

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Since the beginning of July 2013, the Sudanese government started planting mines in the area of Unch- the Nuba tribes- south of Dillanj city, the second largest city in Nuba mountains Southern Kordofan state. The government troops planted mines through the valley that connect the west and the east of Nuba mountains, crossing the villages of Daliba, Wata, Alrajol, Altungol, and the Alaf agricultural project.


The government’s aim is to cut the roads for the Sudanese Revolutionary Front which is fighting the government in North and Southern Kordofan. The Uncho area is strategically important for both, the government and the SRF because of its location.

The area is near to the Hadra and Kawlieeb areas which is on the road to Kauda the central town under the control of Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement / North. In early July 2013 according to witnesses from the Uncho area 117 cars belonging to the SRF crossed through the region, which led the government to start planting the mines on the roads and in farming fields in Wata, Alrajol ,Daliba Altongul
and Alaf agricutlral project.
The valley where the mines are being planted now is one of the highest populated areas in the west mountains. According to the last census in 2010, the Uncho population is more than 30,000. The main source of living for them is agriculture and they have some of the largest markets in the region in Alrajol and Alkatan. In result of the mines planted in the farming lands and in the roads to the
markets and schools, the peoples in the Uncho area are living in difficult conditions after the main roads were closed ny the mines and the government troops which warning of serious humanitarian crisis.
The school in Alkogol had been closed, because of the mines in the roads. In addition to that some villages are hosting IDPs from Umhitan and Hadra whom fled the fighting between the government and the SPLM/N. There is 2000 IDPs in Alrajol, and 1200 in Alkatan, and 800 in Wata, these IDPs has no access for humanitarian aid , they depend completely on the citizens of these areas and on working with them in the cultivation on the valley.
The live activities has been disturbed in the Uncho area, because the government planted mines in the civilians areas which is against the international laws . The mines are putting the lives of thousands of peoples at mounting risk, in the long and short term. The peoples in this areas can not move freely, or cultivate their lands.
Arry organization is calling on the United Nation and the Security Council and the international and local human rights organizations and advocates to urgently take actions to stop this war crimes against the civilians in the Uncho tribes area, we also call on them to put pressure on the Sudanese government to stop the planting of mines in the civilians areas and reveal the maps where the mines are planted and to open safe roads to the civilians and allow them access for humanitarian aid immediately. We also call on the international demining organizations to take action and provide technical support to start demining this area.
Please take action now to stop the Sudanese government from planting mines in civilians areas in Nuba mountains! Sign the petition!