Sudan: Darfuri Activist in Detention for 6 months without charges!

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A dedicated human rights activist in Sudan, Abdo Alshakour Isa is being detained incommunicado with no charges, and denied access to lawyers, medical care, and visits from his family.


Abd Alshakour Isa is a 32 year-old Darfuri human rights activist. He is from Makajar city in Wadi Salih area in central Darfur, he is resident in the Garsila area. Abd Alshakour is known for his work in defending the rights of the IDPs of the camps of Aljabalein, Jadda and Alaradeiba in Garsila area. On March 16, 2013, he was arrested in Garsila area by the security.

According to another detainee who was arrested with Abdo Alshakour who was recently released, Abdo Alshakour was arrested in Garsila and transferred later to Zalinji city gate which called Janjaweid gate, where he had been severely tortured and stayed there for one night and then transferred to Aljaneina city in west Darfur, where had been detained there for long period and faced also torture and ill treatment and then he was moved to Khartoum to the Sudanese security detention.

Abdo Alshakour  has been denied access to family and lawyers, he is also detained incommunicado. The Sudanese security is detaining Abdo Alshakour with no charges presented, while his well being remains serious concern for his family.

Arry organization call on the Sudanese government to immediately release Abdo Alshakour Isa  and reveal his whereabouts. We also call on them to allow him family visits and access to lawyers and medical care.




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