WLUML strongly condemns assassination of two female Supreme Court judges in Kabul

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Women Living Under Muslim Laws strongly condemns assassination of two female Supreme Court judges in Kabul


Women Living Under Muslim Laws strongly condemns assassinations of Supreme Court Judges, Zakieh Herawi and Qadria Yasini in Kabul, as well as many other activists and civil society members. We extend our condolences to the families of the victims, and hope for a speedy recovery for those that have been injured.

Supreme Court Judges, were assassinated by unidentified gunmen early on Sunday morning on their way to work. Their driver was severely injured. Other victims of similar attacks over the last few days have not yet been identified. These targeted killings add to a wave of assassinations and increased  violence that has recently swept the country while the Afghan government and the Taliban representatives are ostensibly  holding peace talks in Qatar.

As part of his attempt to pull the American military out of Afghanistan as a winning card before the 2020 presidential election, US President Trump has given many concessions to the Taliban without obtaining sufficient guarantees that they would, in good faith, negotiate peace.

Now, while ostensibly conducting peace talks, the Taliban have not only refused to support a ceasefire, but have over the last several months increased their reign of violence and terror, assassinating high-profile civil society activists and women’s rights advocates who are their most vocal critics. These acts of terrors are intended to increase  their leverage. The Taliban are not negotiating peace; operating under the impression that they have defeated the mighty American military they are now acting as victors negotiating the terms of surrender.

Indeed, President Trump with his imprudent and ill-conceived agreement has sent a message to the Taliban and all other extremist groups that violence and terrorism are the route to power.  Thus we will see more attacks by the Taliban, their spin-offs and others, not only in Afghanistan but elsewhere, by the likes of Al Shabaab and Boko Haram. It is a sorrowful irony that with the promise to bring much-desired peace to the people of Afghanistan, the Trump agreement has made Afghanistan and the world more unsafe.

We at WLUML and our sister organizations  hope the new administration will have the insight to reverse this misdeed of its predecessor and together with the people of Afghanistan, the UN and other international parties move Afghanistan toward a long-lasting peace, a peace that goes beyond silencing guns, and that protects and helps expand the gains of the last 20 years.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws and our partners stand in solidarity with human rights defenders, women’s rights activists, journalists and civil society across Afghanistan. We demand urgent and transparent inquiries into these assassinations so that the perpetrators are brought to justice. “Peace” without justice, freedom of expression, tolerance, acceptance of diversity and plural democracy will put women and human rights defenders more directly in harm’s way. Peace without justice will not end the violence or bloodshed, nor will it bring the lasting peace that Afghan people so desire.


In solidarity,

Women Living Under Muslim Laws


Submitted on Monday, 01/18/2021