WLUML Annual Report 2019-2020

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For more than 35 years WLUML has connected individual women and feminist organisations. We now connect women from South Africa to Uzbekistan, Senegal to Indonesia, and Brazil to France. WLUML holds a unique position as a transnational movement and has maintained an acute awareness of the unique political contexts that surround women of Muslim heritage. WLUML publications aim to support the struggle for women’s equality and autonomy and the promotion of women’s human rights worldwide.

In 2019, WLUML reorganised our internal structure and developed our new strategic plan and, in 2020, networkers began the development of a new WLUML website.

WLUML’s current projects, programmes and campaigns include the following:

  • Volunteer Project
  • Networking Project
  • Women Reclaiming Public Spaces: Confronting Rising Sexual Harassment and Violence
  • Love as Politics Project
  • Feminism and Art in Muslim Contexts
  • Women and Politics
  • Bodily Autonomy, Integrity, and Sexual Rights
  • Constitutionalising Women’s Rights Project,
  • No Peace Without Women’s Rights in Afghanistan
  • Transformative Feminist Leadership Institute