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Haddy  Jatou Jonga is a feminist activist focusing on the promotion of the wellbeing of women and children. She currently hosts a TV show on the Gambia’s National broadcaster centered on youth development. She currently spearheads the mentorship team of Think Young Women, a young women-led non-profit organization. Through this mentorship program that provides d a platform to talk about the issues affecting their daily lives and prepare them for future lives. she is also active in promoting women’s political participation and ending  Female Genital Mutation.  She has worked with various organizations such as Regional Leadership Centre for West Africa, in Accra, Global Youth Ambassador for Education, A World at School Initiative launched by the United Nations,  Special Envoy for Global Education.  She has been on the  National Child and Youth Advisory Board.  In 2015, Haddy was also recognized as part of the 27 most outstanding, emerging young women leaders in Africa, by the Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa – an affiliate of UN Women.


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