Events for June 2024


Day 14/16 of Activism Against Gender Violence: Giving Chances

There are some stories that remain with you. One such incident is of a young 15-year-old girl, Aliya*. The eldest of seven children, her mother and father had their hands full with the younger children. Aliya was neglected emotionally, and in order to grasp the attention of her parents or to find someone to appreciate or...


Day 12/16 of Activism Against Gender Violence: Women of the Iraqi Majlis al-Nuwab and Violence Against Women in Iraq

In 2005, following the invasion of Iraq and ouster of Saddam Hussein, Iraq held its first democratic election. Voter turnout was at over sixty percent, despite attacks targeting voters. Newspapers and television channels were flooded with pictures of smiling Iraqi women holding up purple stained fingers. I myself witnessed voting stations in Dubai fill with...


Day 11/16 of Activism Against Gender Violence: Engaging The ‘People In Uniform’?

GAMCOTRAP is a leading women’s rights organization based in Gambia. While promoting women’s human rights, it continuously engages communities and institutions to address gender-based violence.  GAMCOTRAP is committed to the promotion and protection of women and girls’ political, social, sexual, and reproductive health, and educational rights. Engaging with Security Since 2008, GAMCOTRAP has worked to...