Campaign: Aceh Woman’s Strategy for Bodily Autonomy under Political Islam – project by Solidaritas Perempuan Bungeung Jeumpa, Aceh

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The implementation of Islamic Sharia Qanun in Aceh has contributed to increased violence against women. This can be seen in the implementation of Islamic Sharia in Aceh that was focused on the matter of women’s clothing, which also limited women’s mobility, as can be seen on the case of the removal of the woman subdistrict head in the Bireun regency. Therefore, SP Aceh saw that violence against women in Aceh is directly impacted by the politicization of religion by concerned parties in Aceh. And after a prolonged conflict, women in Aceh once again were subjected to violence, often without the women realizing themselves.

The anti-CVAW campaign by SP-Aceh was in response to this growing trend of using the qanun (by-law) on sharia laws by Acehnese religious authorities to control women’s body e.g. regulations on women’s dress code (e.g. banning of pants) issued by the head of West Aceh district. Violence against women such as rape was also perpetuated by the Wilayatul Hisbah (‘morality police’). The 6-month project under the WRRC/ VNC built upon on SP-Aceh’s existing strategies which include campaigning, research and capacity building. The objectives of their campaign “Sayangi Inong Aceh” (Love Acehnese women) are:

  • to gain public support on the Campaign by raising  public awareness on CVAW issues
  • for the Acehnese women to reclaim control over her own body and be involved in the campaign

The key activity was a public forum involving the Governor of Aceh; the provincial body in charge of women’s affairs; the provincial bureau of law and academics. Based on their findings that villagers, particularly women, are not informed and aware of the enforcement of the qanun, a radio talk show was also organised prior and after the forum to inform the public about the substance of the meeting was also a centrepiece of the campaign alongside use of Twitter and Facebook to reach out to the younger generation and professionals who have access to the technology.


Solidaritas Perempuan report the following achievements and areas of impact:

  • Members of the Government of Aceh were made more aware of the concerns by the general public regarding the enforcement of sharia laws
  • having an independent expert (academic) who provided his analysis about the dangers of the qanuns boosted the credibility of the campaign
  • a public debate was generated about the issue of CVAW
  • There was a “strong clamor from the public, the media and allies – both in civil society and in the government for a similar discussion to be held again”.

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Radio show:

Comprehensive Agenda on Komnas Perempuan about 16 Days of Activism Against Gender: