SWG Evaluation meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 22-24 March 2011

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This Meeting was Part 2 of the Evaluation Process of the SWG.  Part 1 was the answering and compilation of the responses to a questionnaire with evaluative questions for:

  • Project Partners: see Collation A – Partners’ responses (Annex 6 below).
  • SWG members : see Collation B – SWG members’ responses (Annex 7 below).

The objectives of this meeting was for 10 participants – the most active members and partners of the SWG – to reflect together on the work that was been done by the SWG as a whole and by the project partners, under the umbrella of the WRRC, and with the funds that were made available by the MDG3 Fund. They reflected on the responses already gathered, and applied the Rao and Kellerher Framewok for Domains of Change on the achieved results.

They also linked the results with the objectives of WRRC, and shared the lessons learnt throughout the project implementation with each other.

Finally partners decided with each other how they will continue with the work on Sexuality, which for many of them, was fundamental to the work that they are already doing.

The process and results of this process, together with the results of the processes of the other 2 working groups of WRRC –  WIPR and SKSW – must necessarily feed into the overall evaluation process of the WRRC, which was guided and facilitated by the Consultant, Febe Deug.

Documents used for this meeting:

  • Activity Report of the Sexuality Working Group of the Women Reclaiming and Redefining Projects (WRRC)
  • Sexuality Working Group Projects Table: Year 2
  • Sexuality Working Group Asia Workshop Narrative Report
  • Sexuality Working Group Africa Workshop Narrative Report
  • Sexuality Working Group Evaluation Meeting Programme
  • Responses to Questionnaire A: Project Partners (Annex 6)
  • Responses to Questionnaire B: Working Group Members (Annex 7)
  • Evaluation Meeting Narrative Report