To the British Government: Work with Dubai’s government to free Afsana!

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Afsana, a British citizen and former civil servant, went to live in Dubai in early 2010 with her French husband. After the birth of their son in April that year, she was subjected to serious physical and mental abuse. After suffering constant threats, intimidation and abuse from the ex husband, she fled with her baby in April 2011. All previous attempts to report the assaults did not amount to any action, instead she now faces a series of cases that her ex-husband has instigated – designed to mar her reputation and prevent her from leaving.


Afsana is currently on trial for the charge of ‘kidnapping’ her son and awaits verdict on the 11th February. If convicted, she could be deported and lose her son who was taken from her in October 2013 by the ex-husband (who was awarded legal custody in her absentia).

The petition below asks the British Government to make urgent representations to the Dubai Government in having all cases against Afsana dropped, overturning the current custody order obtained in her absence and returning her passport, allowing both mother and child to return to the UK.

Please join us in supporting Afsana, and raising awareness about her case. Her story is not uncommon, hundreds of women find themselves at the mercy of highly patriarchal, and conservative judicial systems abused by male counterparts.

Please sign the petition, and spread the word: