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Dr. Mona Tajali has been a long-term collaborator with the research wing of the transnational feminist solidarity network, Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) and as of 2019, serves as member of their executive board. Her first book, Electoral Politics: Making Quotas Work for Women, co-authored with Homa Hoodfar and published by WLUML, has been translated into Persian and Arabic, and is widely used as a training manual for those advocating for women’s increased political representation across the Muslim world.

She is also an Associate Professor of International Relations and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Agnes Scott College. Her areas of expertise are gender and politics, human rights, and social movements in Muslim countries. She is the author of Women’s Political Representation in Iran and Turkey: Demanding a Seat at the Table (Edinburgh University Press 2022-open access), which investigates how religious and cultural norms, attitudes, institutional structures, and voter behavior affect the representation of women and quality of democracy in Muslim contexts, with a comparative focus on Iran and Turkey. She prioritizes dissemination of her research findings in accessible manner in both academic and popular outlets, among them, the Middle East Journal, Politics & Gender, Journal of Women, Politics and Policy, The ConversationThe Nation, and The Washington Post.

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