Dossier 16: Violations Against Women: Demystifying Religious Justifications

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Highlighting the debate on women’s human rights in Muslim countries and communities, this dossier presents the testimony on violations of women in Algeria which opened the Women’s International Tribunal at the NGO forum-Beijing Conference on women; it is followed by a testimony on the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) amongst the Bohra Muslims in India. Both contributions show that certain local practices are being extended to other geographical areas.

  • Algeria: The Martyrdom of Girls raped by Islamic Armed Groups by Zazi Sadou.
  • India: All for “Izzat” The Practice of Female Circumcision among Bohra Muslims in India by Rehana Ghadially.
  • Middle East: Cultural Particularism as a Bar to Women’s Rights: Reflections on the Middle Eastern Experience by Ann Elizabeth Mayer.
  • South Africa: The Interim Constitution and Muslim Personal Law by Najma Moosa.
  • Women and the Roman Catholic Church: Responding to Religious Conservatism by Frances Kissling.
  • Indonesia and Malaysia: A veil over the East From South China Morning Post.
  • Northern Europe: Islam in a North European Setting: Palestinians in Berlin by Dima Abdulrahim.
  • Bangladesh: Women, Islam and the State: Subordination and Resistance by Tazeen Mahnaz Murshid.
  • Women’s Reproductive Rights and the Politics of Fundamentalism: A View from Bangladesh by Sajeda Amin and Sara Hossain.
  • Turkey: The Women’s Movement in Turkey: The Influence of Political Discourses by Pinar Illkarakan.
  • Muslims in the International Media: Voices of Dissent by Salman Rushdie.