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Fahima Hashim was the Director of Salmmah Women’s Resource Center in Khartoum, Sudan. One of Fahima’s greatest characteristics is that she challenges all taboos for the greater cause of human rights and specifically equal rights of women. Fahima confronts all of the sexist, racist, and anti-human rights laws in Sudan.  She has worked with WLUML for many long years and in the past has been a council member. Because of her activism, she had to leave Sudan and live in Europe and presently in Canada. Fahima has not ceased to advocate for an end to the war in Darfur, and a comprehensive peace agreement in the region. Through the renowned Salmmah Women’s Resource Center, Fahima rallies all women’s groups and members of civil society to organize a movement of Woman Against War. Sh is very much in touch with the development in Sudan and women’s activism during the present pro-democracy movement.


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